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During the last three minutes of the time slot for each talk, people can change rooms. Slide size should be standard 4: At this conference, there are additional possibilities for discussing talks, including the global foyer.

Just make sure the speaker feels comfortable, then feel free to sit anywhere.

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You can do this any time before or during the conference. Posters Printed posters in DIN-A0 format portrait orientation will be displayed at each hub in regular poster sessions. People in the audience who ask a question will wait for the microphone.

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More than one person can sit at each computer. You can do that by standing behind the lectern aka podium or pulpit and speaking clearly into the microphone, ignoring any people who might be coming, going, or talking.

All breaks will start and end on time. For example: If there is a problem of any kind in any talk, the following event should still start exactly on time, regardless of whether it is another talk, a demonstration, a meeting, or even a break.

With no delays, the time plan for long talks minute slot will be: We have prepared xtra size pills price in graz guideline but it is not necessary to follow the detail.

To find out which applies to you, search for the session ID in the global program overview pdf which is linked to the program page. What they say will be recorded on the YouTube stream, but when the talk is played later at another hub, the audience will probably titan gel colombia donde comprar watch this discussion.

Audience members need not where to buy sizegenetics in sverige their xtra size pills price in graz we have no time for that unfortunately.

If you are attending a virtual talk that is being transmitted live from another hub, you will be watching a YouTube live stream. If you write down what you want to say and read it out, limit your text to words. A student assistant will act as a secretary, summarizing the discussion comment by comment in Moodle in the xtra size pills price in graz forum.

Then start the discussion by taking a question from xtra size pills price in graz member of your local audience using a hand gesture.

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If you are attending a live talk that is transmitted in real time to my erection is weaker hub, the two hubs will share the discussion in Zoom. A student assistant will summarize the discussion in either Moodle or the YouTube comment stream, sending just one or two sentences at a time with a separate comment for each question or contribution to the discussion and without noting the names of the people involved which would take too long.

We will prepare a ppt with a single slide for your poster.

  • If the speaker does not stop, please stand next to him or her as a gentle reminder; the technician will also wait.
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Please also have a pdf version of your talk ready in case there is a problem with ppt. After that, alternate between local and remote audience.

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If the speaker does not stop, please stand next to him or her as a gentle reminder; the technician will also wait. Thank you for your support and attention to these details. If the session label is printed bold, the virtual version will happen in real time; you will see it vertically above or below the original.

Go to overview of page sections Begin of page section: Meetings Global foyer We encourage you to take advantage of the global foyer during breaks for spontaneous meetings.

  • All are voluntary.
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  • More than one person can sit at each computer.

At the end of the talk, there will be a local discussion that aims to help the audience understand the content by talking to each other about it, and give the author useful feedback. In this way, any registered participant can organize a meeting between participants at different hubs. The speaker will reply in the usual way.

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In the case of live transmission: Where to buy sizegenetics in sverige use Powerpoint and store your files as pptx. The battery should last all day after you charge it in your hotel. Breaks will start exactly on time. If you would like to take advantage of these facilities, please send the exact time and places of your proposed booking to esther.

Guidelines - Welcome to ICMPC15/ESCOM10

Active participants will have a separate Moodle forum for every presentation. During these extra minutes, you can show extra slides; please be ready to leave them out if there is a delay.

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If you would like to use a different software or format, let us know in advance. That may include revised abstract, proceedings contribution, ppt file, sound files, or any other information that you wish to make available to other conference participants. If the sessions label is italic, you will find the virtual version later in the program.

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Just make sure everything is legible when the poster is printed in A4 format portrait orientation and there are no legal problems if the poster appears against your will in the internet if there are, authors will be responsible. Then you can relax and enjoy the paper. If you are attending a live talk that is not transmitted live to another hub, the discussion following the talk will be recorded on the live stream so anyone with internet can watch it either in real time or later.

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Others will be seen at other hubs after a time delay. As an alternative to the YouTube comment stream, people can also comment in Moodle itself, but you may not have where to buy sizegenix in lucerne to read that.

File labels Please label all submitted files with surname of libido tea author followed by contribution ID number like this: The procedure for discussion is different in these two cases. To see the YouTube stream, find the talk via Moodle on your device during the talk.

Stay in the know

Please read the following carefully and let us know if anything is unclear. The procedure for the discussion is different in the two cases see below. Instead, they will start their own independent discussion. Please note that revision of your abstract is a condition for inclusion in the program.