Platform Beds

Unlike traditional bed frames, platform beds do not use box springs. Instead, the support surface is one, solid, raised ‘platform’. The platform beds from HiFuMi Creations can be divided into two categories:

Contemporary And Modern Platform Beds

It is our firm belief that a bed is a furniture that should bring a sense of relaxation and ease to both your mind as well as the space in which the furniture inhabits. Having a platform design further enhances the functional and minimalistic attributes of a bed.

That said, HiFuMi Creations is proud to present its extensive works of platform beds in a variety of styles. Prime among these styles are Traditional, Modern, Contemporary and Eastern. You will immediately notice that all our beds incorporate simple, straightforward lines.

No matter the theme, you may rest assured of your investment in our high-quality platform beds with elegance to match. Because we take immense pride in being able to blend simplicity with comfort and luxury.

Japanese Beds

Cotton pads and/or blankets laid over ‘Tatami’ straw mats – that is the simplest way to explain a traditional Japanese bed. While overly simplistic, the design neither compromised with comfort nor the judicious use of space for its time.

Designed to promote the spirit of ‘ikigai’, our collection of Japanese beds simply incorporate the best in terms of craftsmanship and woodwork to produce bedroom furniture that more in tune with the times we live in.

All our Japanese themed beds employ natural elements of solid wood and bamboo. They have a low height, which upon installing a mattress over the bed, becomes comfortable enough for a person to sit upright, while his/her feet touch the floor.

And it is not just for aesthetic’s sake either. There are numerous scientific journals that shed light on how Japanese beds support postures, especially when sitting upright in producing proper blood circulation to the lowest extremities.