List of causes of world war 2 What Were the Main Causes of World War II?

List of causes of world war 2.

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However, they were often very reluctant to do so. The intended consequence of this was the halt of oil shipments from the U. Modern methods of warfare—together with the attempt of Germany to exterminate entire whats ed and ethnic groups particularly the Jews —famines, and epidemics, had brought death to tens of millions and made as many more homeless.

At the insistence of the French, the terms of the Versailles Treaty were punitive in the extreme and left Germany destitute and its people feeling victimised.

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American rights and interests in China are being impaired or destroyed by the policies and actions of the Japanese authorities in China. One such party that was active during this time was the Nazi Party. In many ways, World War 2 was a direct result of the turmoil left behind by World War 1.

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At this point the majority of Germans were enraged with the French and placed the blame for their humiliation on the Weimar Republic. After numerous notable successes and some early failures in the s, the League ultimately proved incapable of preventing aggression by the Axis powers in the s.

American Response to the Holocaust

French revenge would come back to haunt France during the Nazi invasion and occupation twenty years later. Factors such as mass unemployment in Germany and poverty in Japan provoked considerable anger among the citizens, causing them to be swayed by dictatorial governments which made it acceptable to forcefully loot from other countries whenever they wanted.

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  • With continuing disregard for the Treaty, German troops reoccupied the Rhineland in March
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  • World War II | Facts, Summary, Combatants, & Causes |
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It was an anger that was built upon frustration over losing the war, and anger over skyrocketing unemployment rates which were only about to get worse. A History of ; E. Since France wanted revenge on Germany, the Treaty of Versailles was made in favor of Georges Clemenceau and was not based on Woodrow's point plan which was deemed to bring peace to the region of Europe.

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The treaty of Versailles called for Germany to give back the French territories that they had claimed during the Franco-Prussian War. In the Atlantic, even to the shores of the United States and in the Gulf of Mexico, German submarines were sinking Allied shipping at an unprecedented rate.

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Efforts to reach a peaceful settlement were ended on Dec. This left Britain and France, already terrified by the prospect of another war, without a key ally in world diplomacy during the tense interwar period. There were a variety of factors leading up to the Second World War which can be divided into short-term causes and long-term causes.

By Joseph Kiprop.

  1. Then Hitler looked to restore Germany to power by expanding his empire.
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  3. What Were the Main Causes of World War II? -
  4. The treaty of Versailles called for Germany to give back the French territories that they had claimed during the Franco-Prussian War.

The German blitzkrieg, or lightning war, with its use of new techniques of mechanized and air warfare, crushed the Polish defenses, and the conquest was almost complete when Soviet forces entered Sept.

The official opening of the League of Nations, 15 November List of causes of world war 2 League lacked an armed force of food for erectile dysfunction own and so depended on the members to enforce its resolutions, uphold economic sanctions that the League ordered, or provide an army when needed for the League to use. Roberts, The Storm of War: The two sides were generally known as the Allies and the Axis.

This gave France a physical security barrier between itself and Germany.

World War II

War was declared Dec. Hitler and Mussolini in The Japan government deemed it unacceptable to retreat from China.

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By Mar. When countries such as Italy and Germany became aggressive and began to take over their neighbors and build up their armies, countries such as Britain and France hoped to keep peace through "appeasement.

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A Nation under Arms, — ; see also I. Between the years of andHitler took control over the party. Hitler ignored the Treaty of Versailles and greatly expanded the number of German troops. Reparations from Germany were necessary to stabilize the French economy.

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This is most commonly highlighted in relation to the toothless League of Nations, another product of Versailles, which patently failed in its mandate to prevent a second global conflict. The suffering and list of causes of world war 2 of the war's victims were of proportions that passed the understanding of those who had been spared.

The treaty provided for harsh monetary reparationsseparated millions of ethnic Germans into neighboring countries, territorial dismembermentand caused mass ethnic resettlement. The World at War, — ; R.

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However, the harsh Russian winter halted the German sweep, and the drive on Moscow was foiled by a Soviet counteroffensive. The Netherlands and Britain followed suit. Allied Victory in the Pacific After the completion of the campaigns in the Solomon Islands man power tabletters and New Guineathe Allied advance moved inexorably, in two lines that converged on Japan, through scattered island groups—the Philippines, the Mariana Islands, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima.

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France understood that its position in was "artificial and transitory".