Complete Sleep Solution

We at HiFuMi Creations view sleeping comfort as a holistic system. Therefore, our Complete Sleep Solution carefully incorporates a mattress choice with the appropriate bedding accessories. This, in turn, creates a holistic sleeping experience.

Mattresses we offer are of two types: SolutioN Spring mattress and SleepEasy Organic Futon. Each mattress comes with its own complement of bedding essentials the likes of which include all-organic sheets, pillows, and mattress toppers.

On the other hand, if you like to pick and choose then we can accommodate that too. Simply tell us the choice of your mattress and the bedding essentials you want (or do not want) and we shall follow it to the letter.

Our Sleep Solution vs General Mattresses

In picking our Complete Sleep Solution, you are essentially ensuring a non-synthetic and chemical-free, sleeping environment for you and your family. Sadly, the same cannot be said of run-of-the-mill mattresses found on the market today.

Most if not all market variety mattresses make use of polyurethane foam or fillers of similar nature. In much the same way, you would find bedding made from synthetic fibers. Even, branded memory foam mattresses use polyurethane to a certain degree. 

All these techniques bring down the manufacturing cost of the items no doubt, but they leave behind an uncomfortable and often hazardous imprint left for the customer and nature to bear.

Apart from containing carcinogens, nonsynthetic fillers ‘off-gas’ a myriad of toxins that contaminate your sleeping atmosphere. This promotes growth and spread of molds and dust mites that then lead to various adverse reactions in you, allergic or otherwise.  

In contrast, collections from The Complete Solution are all natural where care is taken in every step of manufacturing, storage, and packaging to ensure our customers a comfortable sleep that is actually healthy. In fact, our products meet the stringent E-1 European Emission Certification.