There is no better way to infuse the soul of a Japanese inspired theme into your bedroom than through careful choice of accessories. And in that department too, you will find our line of lamps and lighting, room dividers, calligraphy prints and terracotta warriors to your liking.

While Japanese calligraphy prints adorning a wall bring a sense of harmony and oneness to your bedroom space, terracotta warrior statues can add that extra bit of spirit and personality to even the blandest of furniture.

We have a whole range of calligraphy prints that will provide a touch of insight into your bedroom. If it is unlocking your static energy that you need, then perhaps our collection of Feng Shui prints could help your cause. 

Similarly, our Japanese-styled lamps come in a variety of installable positions.  You could choose between floor and table lamps. And we have a few options that incorporate Feng Shui elements to help usher in the peace and tranquility into your bedroom. The best part of it all – all these accessories are priced keeping the average customer in mind.

And if something does catch your eye, then head over to our store to see and try them out first hand, or if you are short of time, then leave us an email telling us what you like with your address. We do offer free demonstration service within a 30-mile radius.