About Us

Truth be told, the team of HiFuMi Creations started out as independent craftsmen, contractors, and furniture experts, each running their own separate businesses. It was the common love for Japanese design aesthetics that brought us together and binds us to this day much like a family.

They say beauty lies in diversity and it has never been much truer than in our case. Each of us brings forward their ideas and expertise to the table. There is cohesion, lots of arguments over who is right and who is not.

But at the end of the day, all that “butting of heads” produces and sources the products that we proudly offer to all our customers. For us team members, the creative process is both invigorating and oftentimes exhausting, but one which yields the most beautiful results.

That said, we welcome you to sample our range of bedroom furniture products and accessories and we are certain they will lend a touch of tranquility and simplicity to your bedroom space.